Boat to Liverpool Party


What do you do on a cold autumn Wednesday evening when the rain is pounding on the ground and the wind is howling battering the leaves on the trees, the sky blackened with dense clouds? You have a couple of options I am sure. Stay in with your coco watching Coronation Street? or grab your best Nautical costume and head to the Beechwood for a themed party with all your friends? No comparison I hear you cry. 

Only last week Wednesday 20th August did we transform our usual Wednesday line dance class into the party of the century. We saw costumes that would suit the latest blockbuster created by 20th Century Fox. We had pirates, sailors and even a Jellyfish!

Someone asked why? and my answer is Why not? 

Isn’t it better to brighten up your mid week dance class by having a few iced buns and making a fool of yourself in an outlandish costume? I say of course! No longer will you find a secret society of line dancers wearing cowboy hats shuffling around in seedy back street clubs slapping those leather boots to Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart. Well you may in other not so distant towns. but not here at The Beechwood, where every class is a buzz of excitement at the latest chart dance being taught, with laughs and giggles between the greatest of friends. And if you cant laugh at your friends ridiculous costume they can laugh at yours.

There are many considerations when choosing your costume. Firstly you need to make sure it fits you and you haven’t got bits hanging out as that can be rather embarrassing on the floor.

Secondly you need to ensure that you can move freely in your costume to get the most from it. Stripping off half way through is not an option!

Thirdly, you need to make sure that you are going to get the most laughs with yours.

All things considered most people followed these simple rules and a great night was had by all.

The dance playlist for the night featured the following dances:

Boat to Liverpool

He’s Italiano

Voulez vous danser

Wagon wheel rock


We forgot to dream

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O


Turn my world around

Be my baby now

We’re Alive

Dream Lover

Hit the road Jack

Swamp Thang


Whiskeys Gone

Hey Brother



Walking on Air (new)

All i can say

Charleston at the Ritz

Hit the floor

Jai du boogie to Footloose

Ribbon of highway to Grease You’re the one that i want

High Test Love

New York 2 LA

Into the arena

Walk Alone

See you all at the next event.

Live music with Andy Ash on Sunday 21st September. Tickets £7 and the theme is Cowboys and Indians.



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