Line Dancing on the radio!


“Well that’s one place I haven’t line danced before” said Eloise as I invited her along with the rest of the class to join The Bee radio station.

On the 18th June Maya Vaja, The Bee radio presenter and host of Maya on the move came to The Beechwood @ Blackburn to participate in our line dance class.

She was challenged by presenter Paul Winstanley to learn to line dance on the radio as part of his show.

Maya arrived expecting our group to be wearing cowboy boots and western shirts dancing to country music slapping our thighs and shouting yee haa! How wrong can any person be.

I explained to Maya that line dancing has evolved in the last 10 years and whilst we do still dance to some good Country music tracks there are many dances choreographed to chart hits Irish music and Latin rhythms.

A few of us demonstrated some of our favorite club dances New York 2 La and Timber.

We started by teaching her some basic steps and then taught her a newly choreographed beginners routine which we danced to Pitbull and Kesha’s Timber.

She was very enthusiastic and overwhelmed that the experience exceeded her expectations. The session was pre-recorded to be aired later on Maya on the Move on a Friday afternoon. All the recordings were done using the pubs wifi on an iphone, direct to the studio.

It was a great session and Maya is welcome any time to Line Dance Fusion at The Beechwood.




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