Vicars & Tarts


Every time we have an event at Line Dance Fusion I come away  feeling a sense of pride and gratitude for the hours of fun and laughter which preceded. I couldn’t possibly begin to encompass the event in its entirety on a piece of paper but endeavour to capture and share a mere glimpse of the party atmosphere that we can share for time to come.

A few years ago I would never have imagined that I would be planning and organising successful Line dancing events. From small beginnings in 2005 following in my Fathers footsteps I took my Line Dancing teachers qualification with the United Kingdom Alliance for Professional Teachers of Dance (UKA) and I started a small class in Burnley.


Line dancing careers are often perceived as glamorous with choreography competitions, Crystal Boot Awards, Weekends Away, Workshops abroad and for me it’s no different. I love the excitement of seeing my choreography in the dance charts but it has developed from humble beginnings.

I started off in a church hall. I’m calling it a church hall but it was really a prefabricated building in the church grounds. It had that lovely musty odour when you walked over the threshold. To the left a kitchen adequately stocked with tea making facilities and to the right a couple of once new now terribly shabby washrooms, the kind that are so bad you think the toilet will actually fall through the floor if you sit on it the ground underneath being so rotten and damp. And you share your freezing cubicle which feels as though it’s practically outside due to lack of adequate heating with whatever 8 legged creature has decided to take solace on the creaky hinges wrapped in layers of intricate webbing.

Moving swiftly through the corridor sporting uneven flooring with centuries old cracking linoleum you arrive in a large room with windows down one side.

The shiny floor hard as concrete under foot yet smooth enough to enable an effortless glide across it. In one corner there remains a staining on the ceiling where the rain has seeped though over previous months and since deposited the remnants of last evenings downpour on the floor.

My equipment Numark DJ CD Decks and Mixing desk and speakers, a stack of folders containing a large cd collection and alongside this an A4 ring binder bursting with poly pockets stuffed with dance scripts and track listings.


My class eagerly learning the latest linedances and some classic golden oldies.

10 years on and I still have some of my original class members despite moving location to a different town.

My equipment now a 4 channel amp and an ipad. My venue is a great club with a welcoming atmosphere, bar, parking facilities and a large wooden floor which now hosts several classes a week and regular socials, live music choreographer and themed dress up events welcoming friends and members from many neighbouring clubs..

The latest event was a pre-Valentines, event with a dress up theme of vicars and tarts, red or hearts which took place on Sunday 8th February.

Our artist was Lainey West and for those who haven’t seen her, she is not only a great crowd entertainer but also a talented singer whose voice lends itself to a variety of music genres enabling her to be one of the most recommended Artists for Line Dance clubs and events. Laineys versitility meant she provided us with 2 long sets which kept the dancers entertained with tracks from their favourite dances new and old.

Being a club which teaches dances from the Linedancer top 10 and keeps up to date with popular song choices that the live artists are singing, it is important that the artist is ‘current’and Lainey West didn’t disappoint. Her choice of playlist gave me the confidence to kick back and relax into the evening.

She did a fabulous job and even converted many who are avid dancers and would rather dance to the CD. Everyone I spoke to said she was out and out the best artist that I had booked at the club and we have had some great performers.

Lainey was friendly and she even joined in with the evenings theme by dressing in a Burlesque outfit. Her playlist was as follows, although not necessarily in this order

Burlesque, Wagon wheel rock, Call me the breeze, Boat to Liverpool, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, Ribbon of highway, Same thing happened to me, Corn dont grow, This is me, Silver lining, My first love, Woman trouble, Smokey places, My new life, Come as you are, Places, Gallway girl, Push for the stride, Runaway, Just a memory, Tempted, Dream lover, Bossa Nova, Shoebox, One shot, Half past nothin, Fly high, Fly like a bird, messed up in Memphis, Driven, Here comes my baby, Hit the road jack, Billy be bad, Come dance with me, Black coffee,  Little bit gypsy and disappearing tail lights

Because International choreographer Alan Birchall was with us with his partner Jacqui Jax Lainey also sang Wave on Wave.

10959321_414388712050499_552271556593825727_n Alan and Jacqui

Lainey has 26 years experience singing in a variety of venues and is no stranger to adapting her vast set list to suit the needs of the club. Her playlist above is one that we agreed before hand so I could ensure the dancers could dance all night.

Lainey is no stranger to performing and she shone on stage. Not only did dancers comment how comfortable she was on stage and how good a singer she was but also she appeared to be enjoying it as much as her audience and this isn’t far from the truth as time rushed by and before we knew it her first 45 minute set had become an hour and 10 minutes oops!, but she didn’t mind, time flew because she has passion and enjoys what she does.


I have to say that prior to our event I had seen Lainey once before and enjoyed her sets so much I booked her the very next day.


I cant recommend her enough.She can be contacted on 0161-653-2674 for further information and bookings.

The set by myself was varied due to being based on requests and popular Linedancer Chart choices. Some of the dances included:

We only live once, Fireball, Eternal Secret, Hit the floor, Angel in Blue Jeans, Trashy Women, Into the arena, He’s Italiano, Caballero, Wonder Train, All i can say, Cecilia, Crank it Up, We Forgot to dream, Turn my world around, Pot of gold, Up, Down to the River, Diamonds & Dust, Marry that girl, New york 2 LA, Ring my Bells, Sultry, Superheroes,  throw away the key, Timber, Yes,

Some floor splits were as follows:

Turn the beat around / Caught in the act

Say Geronimo/ T bone Shuffle

In my heart / Ribbon of highway

So wrapped up / Islands in the stream

Shades of passion / Waltz across Texas

All about the Bass / Black Coffee

Such a Fool / Blue Night Cha

Blurred Lines / County Line

Ritmo / Fireball / Stroll along cha cha

Charelston at the ritz /Cowboy charleston

Generally for social nights I choose a theme and being Valentines day it seemed fitting to be Red or Hearts but much more fun to be Vicars & Tarts.


Here are some of our dancers

14040_393991564108355_5122293624969166021_n 1504523_10153133493778324_87433360701202652_n 10176020_10153133494638324_2038953255874096974_n 10959578_394123070761871_1753175319856245084_n 14040_393991564108355_5122293624969166021_n 19297_393992350774943_571080350493337289_n 1504523_10153133493778324_87433360701202652_n 1510359_393991547441690_9128373165391479640_n 1795653_10153133189463324_2915129146131047673_n  10300683_393991064108405_4310482429009716846_n 10391001_10153133493248324_1019968249443959856_n 10418248_393991730775005_6818952252838539673_n 10425094_10153133494453324_3960163687993455418_n 10425887_10153133494538324_5719954727370578511_n 10455582_10153133117533324_7178358418477019488_n 10649963_10153132990758324_1378538914523688991_n 10675554_393992010774977_2070746104370146998_n 10685417_393991980774980_3551667579199161491_n 10923256_10153133025308324_2006375280521772322_n 10941023_10153133116588324_6751343337292309978_n 10955551_10153133493128324_8834182777699478878_n 10957557_393992050774973_160604412713568922_n 10959818_10153132991058324_6644505182900236905_n 10959850_393991964108315_7510618382434627092_n 10981618_393992377441607_7475437513880970432_n 10987625_10153133492928324_3775763377551721214_n 10989169_10153133190228324_8783308807755133200_n

Our members are great fun and there has developed a tradition at each event and this one was no different. The Beechwood boasts an infamous pole at its entrance. It is on this pole that we challenge visitors to our club to join us in doing their best and funniest pose. Here are some of our members who have joined the POLE of FAME!!

522090_359500164224162_4446781720637542157_n 1451329_393992590774919_5669340848116647291_n 1506756_393992577441587_4246706752755343002_n 1975076_10153160005036349_1147410085906753128_n 10377611_337275213113324_1702901339463945315_n 10409099_393992750774903_6410393620028251093_n  10420122_393992764108235_7760995539250505490_n 10454296_359500140890831_5697019122691203908_n 10703846_337275176446661_44643095282164376_n 10952930_393992794108232_2076957718466992665_n 10959316_10153133486953324_5768755096837534969_n 10959489_393992827441562_622940881881327448_n 10978497_393992624108249_1947260633332130191_n 10978598_10153133486693324_9140091671619895300_n 10982692_393994120774766_3003690602836605474_n 10984098_393994200774758_8675578489817808738_n me pole

Lainey West was one of our new inductees to the Pole


And this time we even enticed Alan Birchall and Jacqui Jax


and here am I Suzi Beau

me pole

Our next event will be on 21st June 2015 where we will celebrate the summer with Richard Palmer. Everyone welcome.


We also have classes weekly

The Beechwood Blackburn BB1 5JL

Sunday 6:30pm Improvers    8:00pm Intermediates

Monday 6:30pm Absolute Beginners  8:00pm Intermediates

Wednesday 7:30pm Social Dancing & all levels teaching

Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre

Thursday 12:00 Absolute Beginners

1:30pm Improver/Intermediates

For more information see me on Facebook

or Twitter

For my latest choreography check out my Copperknob page




Its a while since I have written as there never seems enough hours in a day. If I am not looking after my family I am at work, dancing or doing something dance related, whether learning new dances, updating the website, designing posters, marketing, arranging social events, the list goes on. But anyone who knows me will know that this isn’t work for me, its a passion and I enjoy every minute of it. If there were more hours in a day just think how many new dances I would be teaching you!

I am writing as I wanted to mark the occasion of Saturdays event as it was a special celebration for me. The occasion marked 10 years of teaching Line dancing, so the event was dedicated to dances weve enjoyed over the past 10 years. Dances which keep me coming back for more each week.

There was also a theme, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers dress up for fun and for the more reserved denim and sparkles.

The event originally was a non artist night but then a friend and fellow line dance colleague offered to sing at the event.

Sandra Lynton has been in linedancing from the start, not only as a teacher and events promoter but she has also been a live music artist. Sadly she had not sang since her husband Ray DJ / music technician aka Jukebox Junkie passed away early 2000.  This event also marked an occasion for her as a return to the circuit as an artist something she had not done for probably a decade if not more.

Sandra previously shared the stage with the likes of George Hamilton V in country music venues across the country, she even sang Preston Guild hall and King Georges Hall. So it was a personal celebration for both of us.

Sandra had free reign to sing what she wanted. Usually I have quite a bit of input with artists to ensure dancers can dance all night, but being dance a decade we had a lot of tracks to choose from and Sandra whilst visiting some of her favorite tracks from the past also included an odd up to date number like Silver Lining by Kacey Musgraves.

Sandras tracks were

What made you say that – Shania Twain  – Danced  Piano Man

Black Coffee  – Lacy J Dalton – Danced Black Coffee

He Thinks He’ll Keep Her – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Danced This is me / This and That

Walk in the Room  – Pam Tillis – Danced Caught in the act

Passionate Kisses – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Danced Tush Push

Blame it on your heart – Patty Loveless – Danced Barn Dance

I feel lucky  – Mary Chapin Carpenter – Danced Blue Night Cha

Silver Lining  – Kacey Musgraves  – Danced Silver Lining.

The night had a mixture of old and new dances.

Come dance with me , This and That, Alcazar, Chill Factor, Hit the road Jack, Heartbreak express, I walk alone, Just a memory, Fly High, Just for grins, Fireball, Cowboy rhythm, Raggle Taggle Gypsy O, Grundy Gallop, Throw away the key, My new life, Angel in blue Jeans, Scotia Samba, Bailando Amor, Lamtarra Rumba, Ring my bells, Islands in the stream, Boat to Liverpool, Disconnected, Corn dont grow, Piano man, Smokey Places, Shoebox, Timber, Tempted, All I an say, Walking the line, Cecelia, Say Geronimo, Slip, Amame, Little Rumba, Trashy Women, 50 ways, County Line, Half past nothin, Tropicana Parking lot, Vertical expression, Hit the floor, Cowboy Charleston, Charleston at the ritz, Sultry, Down to the river, Turn my world around, Dream lover, This is me.

It was another successful night filled with friends and plenty of fun and laughter. It was especially nice to welcome friends who had traveled all the way from Barrow

Once again it highlights that Line dancing is not just about physical activity and passion for dance, its about friends, fun, weekends away,online community, holidays abroad, live music, a shared interest all over the world. Once you line dance you can find friends in every country.

Our next event is Sunday 14th December at The Beechwood with Paul Taylor. Tickets £7

We also have a social New Years Eve at the Beechwood £8.50 includes Potato Pie supper


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Boat to Liverpool Party


What do you do on a cold autumn Wednesday evening when the rain is pounding on the ground and the wind is howling battering the leaves on the trees, the sky blackened with dense clouds? You have a couple of options I am sure. Stay in with your coco watching Coronation Street? or grab your best Nautical costume and head to the Beechwood for a themed party with all your friends? No comparison I hear you cry. 

Only last week Wednesday 20th August did we transform our usual Wednesday line dance class into the party of the century. We saw costumes that would suit the latest blockbuster created by 20th Century Fox. We had pirates, sailors and even a Jellyfish!

Someone asked why? and my answer is Why not? 

Isn’t it better to brighten up your mid week dance class by having a few iced buns and making a fool of yourself in an outlandish costume? I say of course! No longer will you find a secret society of line dancers wearing cowboy hats shuffling around in seedy back street clubs slapping those leather boots to Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart. Well you may in other not so distant towns. but not here at The Beechwood, where every class is a buzz of excitement at the latest chart dance being taught, with laughs and giggles between the greatest of friends. And if you cant laugh at your friends ridiculous costume they can laugh at yours.

There are many considerations when choosing your costume. Firstly you need to make sure it fits you and you haven’t got bits hanging out as that can be rather embarrassing on the floor.

Secondly you need to ensure that you can move freely in your costume to get the most from it. Stripping off half way through is not an option!

Thirdly, you need to make sure that you are going to get the most laughs with yours.

All things considered most people followed these simple rules and a great night was had by all.

The dance playlist for the night featured the following dances:

Boat to Liverpool

He’s Italiano

Voulez vous danser

Wagon wheel rock


We forgot to dream

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O


Turn my world around

Be my baby now

We’re Alive

Dream Lover

Hit the road Jack

Swamp Thang


Whiskeys Gone

Hey Brother



Walking on Air (new)

All i can say

Charleston at the Ritz

Hit the floor

Jai du boogie to Footloose

Ribbon of highway to Grease You’re the one that i want

High Test Love

New York 2 LA

Into the arena

Walk Alone

See you all at the next event.

Live music with Andy Ash on Sunday 21st September. Tickets £7 and the theme is Cowboys and Indians.



10409449_319804551527057_2946602578897879975_n 10411107_319804248193754_4081270705299602153_n 10411770_319803368193842_2949537555424540617_n 10524580_319803428193836_8217987910287394602_n 10563057_319802784860567_6703390864827422962_n 10565153_319803341527178_4892029288628471742_n 10574214_319803881527124_3533376940863378223_n 10590438_319804271527085_8586612089450501111_n 10590556_319804744860371_4218964113922495968_n 10599233_319805144860331_3783170036453288364_n 10609660_319805111527001_4599463110899499448_n 10614282_689710341116727_1627132523636081912_n 10622917_319804148193764_4785730666178075822_n 10625114_319804864860359_4470490643251840384_n 10628325_319802671527245_2615897702365757610_n 10629843_319804221527090_4480127905526269384_n10559871_10152731550431349_5166156348943796414_n 10565019_10152731550831349_2725172290940292723_n


4th July Golden Oldies Line Dance Party


Line dancing is a passion for me. Not only do I love to dance but I love the social life it gives me. I have made some great friends and we regularly have nights out together (in the form of line dance socials!) No trekking from pub to pub for us! We get all our fun and laughs at our dance club.

I think its important to keep dancers and friends entertained and involved in their line dance club. I try and encourage dress up theme nights and live music events. Within the last few weeks we have had a live music event with Fools Gold, a Wimbledon night with Strawberries and cream and on 4th July we celebrated with a red, white & blue or Western dress theme. 

Most clubs celebrate 4th of July but I wanted to make things a little different. I wanted to venture into the unknown and stray from the norm into uncharted territory for me. So when I announced we were to have a Golden Oldies night I had no idea what the response would be.

I wasn’t sure when I started to promote the night how people would respond as many members like to keep up to date with the Line dancer charts, we are currently dancing 8 out of the top 12 dances.

My fears were unfounded as the idea of going back to the beginning and dancing over a decade of dances appealed to everyone. 

I asked people for requests of their favorite dances in advance as some I needed to prepare the music and refresh myself and this is the list that transpired. I also included some floor splits to keep the floor full.

This and That
Just for grins
Sweet sweet smile
Just a memory
Knee deep
Red hot salsa
Dont feel like dancing
Sister kate/ Cowboy charleston
T bone shuffle /elvira
Trashy women /partner dance
Pot of gold
Quarter after one
Miller magic/cowboy charleston
Mojo rhythm/ Ribbon of highway
Its upto you
Tropicana Parking lot/vertical expression/celtic kittens
Peace train
Grundy gallop/Fancy feet
Quando when quando
Charanga/Lamtarra rumba
Shanias moments/midnight mix/Dont say goodbye
Trust me/ Stroll along cha cha
Oklahoma wind
Gypsy/Vertical expression
Crazy foot mambo
Whirly reel/shakatak
Escape/ Stroll along
Hooked on country
Into the arena/smokey places/little rumba
Doctor Doctor
Real world
Barn Dance/ Some beach
East to west/ cruisin
Elliots dream
Candyman/Cherry Poppin
Murcara Walk/ Lamtarra rumba
Irish stew/celtic kittens/pot of gold
Walking the line
Bossa Nova
Heart of an angel
Before the devil / closer
Alabama slammin
Human dancer/ Cruisin
Speak to the sky
Mambo number 5 / kellys cannibals
Somebody like you/ closer
Kill the spiders/Birchwood stroll
Bottle it up
Alive and kickin

I also played Hot Tamales, Caught in the Act and Mr Mom which were requested on the night. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, who were already requesting that I arrange another night before than night had even finished.

The next night will take place in October. See you all there xx





Line Dancing on the radio!


“Well that’s one place I haven’t line danced before” said Eloise as I invited her along with the rest of the class to join The Bee radio station.

On the 18th June Maya Vaja, The Bee radio presenter and host of Maya on the move came to The Beechwood @ Blackburn to participate in our line dance class.

She was challenged by presenter Paul Winstanley to learn to line dance on the radio as part of his show.

Maya arrived expecting our group to be wearing cowboy boots and western shirts dancing to country music slapping our thighs and shouting yee haa! How wrong can any person be.

I explained to Maya that line dancing has evolved in the last 10 years and whilst we do still dance to some good Country music tracks there are many dances choreographed to chart hits Irish music and Latin rhythms.

A few of us demonstrated some of our favorite club dances New York 2 La and Timber.

We started by teaching her some basic steps and then taught her a newly choreographed beginners routine which we danced to Pitbull and Kesha’s Timber.

She was very enthusiastic and overwhelmed that the experience exceeded her expectations. The session was pre-recorded to be aired later on Maya on the Move on a Friday afternoon. All the recordings were done using the pubs wifi on an iphone, direct to the studio.

It was a great session and Maya is welcome any time to Line Dance Fusion at The Beechwood.



Fools Gold Frolics


Sunday evenings can often be dull. Many a time I have spent them pottering about at home preparing for the onslaught of dreariness which is fast moving towards me. (Monday Morning!!!)  I am aware of the dark mist that circles my head and slowly descends with the ticking clock as the evening progresses and I slowly but surely make my way towards the back to work blues. You know that no matter what you do, there is no escaping it. Try as you might you cant outrun it. You can sit back and wait to accept your fate, or you can go Line Dancing.

Line Dance Fusion hosts a teaching and social dancing class every Sunday night at The Beechwood Pub, Blackburn.

The Beechwood used to be a Working Mens Club but is now under new management and has become a Pub which is good news if you want to bring your partner for a drink as no membership is required. It is based in Little Harwood Blackburn and if you are coming by car the postcode is BB1 5JL.

Starting with the outside, on approach you will find the club under the arches of the railway bridge. There is a large car park and the entrance is around the back.

The pub is well attended by regulars from  the locality and hosts various events and activities every week from Karaoke to Pool and Darts Tournaments.

On entering the premises a warm welcome is certain, the decor may be a little tired but the friendly vibe is always present and the attentive staff serve a wide variety of drinks at competitive prices.

The Function room known as ‘the hangar’ due to its outwardly design has its own entrance from the car park or you can enter through the pub.  It houses a large dance floor, seating for 150 people and an ample stage area.

The Function room is available for hire for birthdays, weddings, christenings for details call Ged on 01254 54567




For the last 6 months, I have run a beginners class from 6:30pm and Intermediates from 8:00pm. It is an opportunity to dance requests but also learn up to date chart dances. I like to call it our ‘Sunday Socials’.


Every 3 months I organise a live music and Line Dancing Event and Sunday 15th June I  was lucky enough to book Fools Gold Country Duo to play. Here is a link to their website.



The event started at 7:30pm, Debbie & Paul arrived at 6:30pm to set up their equipment. They were lovely people and very experienced and professional. They have a playlist on their site which is regularly updated and I informed them of dances which I knew our group could do so they could ensure we all danced all night.

They were up to date with current chart dances and threw in some golden oldies and catered for all tastes with country and pop.

Playlist (Fools Gold)


Dream Lover, Inspiration, One Shot, Lamtarra Rumba, Just for grins (Billy be bad), Ever seen the rain, Little bit gypsy, Disappearing Tail Lights, Whiskeys gone, Silver Lining, Knee Deep, Mexifest, Fly High, Come as you are, Shoebox, Just a memory, Barn Dance, 1,2,3,4, Dance with me tonight, Same thing happened to me, Belle of Liverpool, Half Past nothing, Driven.


They added extra dances and asked for requests and they gave a choice of a minimum of 2 or 3 dances that could be danced to some tracks.

My Playlist (DJSuziBeau)

Rhyme or Reason, Caballero, My new life, My first Love, Voulez vous danser, Walking the line, Throw away the key, Disconnected, Troublemaker, Timber, We forgot to dream, Dont say goodbye, Liquid Lunch, All I can say, Into the Arena, Tango de passion, Pot of Gold, Jump on a ride, Tempted, Raggle Taggle Gypsy O, Hit the road Jack, Funky Strut, Boat to Liverpool, Chill Factor, Charleston at the Ritz, Walk alone, Amame, Wow Tokyo, In my heart, Hey Brother, No mans land.



For the third live set Paul welcomed Nigel Slater on stage to duo with him. Nigel is relatively new on the Line Dancing / Country Music scene. He is a talented singer and guitar player and kept the dancers on their toes throughout his set. Nigel is based in Preston Lancashire and can be contacted on 07974265835 for bookings.

A great night was had by all, here are some of the comments from our dancers.

“I absolutely loved Fools Gold they were brilliant!”

“they were good and good to look at. ”

“Great night my feet are burning still lol”

“Really good night x”

“I just want to thank Suzi Beau for organising such a fantastic night. Fool’s Gold were excellent and it was such a good turn out.”

“Yes was a fantastic night x”

“Yes was brill x”

The next Live Music Event will be on Sunday 21st September with talented guitar-man Andy Ash.

This is Andy’s second visit to “The Beechwood” for Line Dance Fusion. He wowed dancers with his incredible guitar solos which were the topic of conversation for days. Not only was he up to date with Line dancer charts but he had a varied set which included some great golden oldies to suit all dancers tastes.

Andy can can be contacted for bookings on

Keep updated with our events calendar.


You won’t catch me Line Dancing


I am writing and dedicating this blog to my dad Peter Clough, who started me off on my journey with Line Dancing back in 2005. He was a great teacher and lots of fun until he was forced to retire from dance teaching when he was diagnosed with MS.


 -The Beginning-

How did this happen? I used to have what i considered ‘normal’ parents at least as far back as I can remember, however lately I have been rather disturbed to find them on a lazy Sunday morning dressed in night wear in the kitchen. This you may think describes just a normal lazy Sunday morning when you pop round for a visit with your parents what is so unusual about that? you may ask.

Normal? How wrong could you be! Because lately I find myself discovering them in situations I can honesty say I am not entirely comfortable with. Not eating breakfast, reading the paper or drinking tea, but actually I have honestly, no word of a lie caught them red handed, doing the ‘fandango’ and by fandango I do mean Line Dancing! The boot scooting, thigh slapping, heel digging kind of Line Dancing that you’ve heard does actually go on in underground clubs as part of the funny handshake, half mast trouser leg secret society club. and to top that off they are demonstrating or more accurately gyrating in pyjamas! in the kitchen! No cowboy boots and stetsons here, but slippers and winceyette nighties.

Oh the embarrassment! “Sit down mother!” I did rather despair, trying to formulate serious conversations whilst witnessing the slipper shuffle. And heaven forbid any sharp moves could lead to accidents in the pyjama department and I think that would leave me traumatized and possibly the prying neighbours too. “Father please sit down before ‘pop goes the weasel’ ”

This progressed for several weeks, and at one point I even caught myself singing along to the CD. When did that happen? I found it was actually becoming ‘the norm’.

Then unexpectedly out of the blue like a smack in the chops, what I was silently dreading but almost convincing myself  would never happen,  it finally came! The dreaded invitation to come Line Dancing. I mean, I wasn’t really thinking it would happen, at least not today. I wasn’t prepared, they just casually slipped it in over coffee. I was a bit taken aback. I nearly choked on my chocolate digestive. I found myself listening to my mother explaining that not only was my mother and father part of this cult full of gun slingers and denim but now my father was becoming a teacher and wanted me to “join the troops to make up the numbers” in his absolute beginners class.

“Say what now?” “are you serious? you won’t catch me Line Dancing” I remember was my horrified reply .

And yet, a few short days later I found myself, after dark donning new trainers (totally inappropriate I now know) my jeans and denim shirt ready to take my place in one of the rows halfheartedly, awaiting to accept my fate. I am past being able to walk out at this point. I am torn between the love and loyalty to my father and the dreaded 120 minutes that lay await for me. I was standing there in anticipation of taking one step forward and becoming a Line Dancer. I was after all early 30’s and cool, and this would definitely not be mentioned tomorrow at work!

Well I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I bloody loved it!

“Roaring 20’s Boogie was the dance I remember from this first night. I have found a link to a demonstration of You Tube

 and the dance script Now I can appreciate this dance as a great floor split to Miller Magic (music Swing the mood by Jive Bunny)

It was nothing how I imagined Line Dancing would be.  Lets face it the pyjama paso was hardly giving me the correct picture of this new found sport. Where were the lines of cowboys? in their boots and tight jeans? 😦

My first and most lasting memory of this first night was how enjoyable it was. Not only was I perspiring ( being great exercise) my calves were aching (due to lack of any form of previous exercise) I had found it to be such good fun.  My dad had brought in the cavalry, the back row, the experienced ladies in their sparkle dance shoes who glided across the floor with ease. They were all friendly and encouraging.

I remember leaving the club and I couldn’t help thinking 7 days was a long time until the next class!!!

My dad was due to take his teaching exams in 6 weeks time and his teacher ran two classes a week so I started attending there too. After a couple of sessions I started thinking maybe I could join in some of the medal tests.

Bottle it up and stroll along cha cha I remember trying to learn at the Saturday morning medal practice sessions.

By the time 6 weeks came around I was taking my Bronze and Silver. 6 weeks after that I was doing Gold and Gold Bars. I remember my mother teaching me ‘Commitment’ ‘Maybe I Could’ and ‘Into the Arena’ in the infamous kitchen. My mother makes me laugh with her tiny size 4 feet shuffling about in slippers. She was the dark horse, she knew all the moves!

Every spare minute I was practicing. I taught myself to read scripts and I even started using my kitchen as a make do dance studio. Shuffling from the cooker to the table etc!

I started dancing February 2005 and by October 2005 I was taking my teaching qualification with UKA (United Kingdom Alliance) and the rest as we can say is history!

I can happily report that now in 2014 I run Line Dance Fusion Blackburn A friendly dance club predominantly at Beechwood Club in Blackburn and so called named as we fuse American Line Dancing with other dance styles like street, tango, waltz and we dance not only to traditional but new country and chart music.

Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate how Line Dancing has progressed in the short years I have been teaching.

We still dance some of the Golden Oldies like Into the Arena and we are having a Golden Oldies Night on 4th July. We also dance Traditional and New Country .

I am grateful to my father for introducing me to Line Dancing as without him, I wouldn’t have all the friends who are like family, my social networks online, our crazy classes, our Facebook group, our Live Artist nights and exciting futures in Line Dancing.

I would also like to thank my mother who not only taught me the dances but she is the one I go to for advice about anything. She is the fountain of knowledge, and is always willing to help in any way she can.

Kisses and Hugs xx